[xep-support] creating index with XEP extensions

From: <CRW150@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Apr 08 2005 - 09:20:43 PDT


When I create an index using the XEP "index.xsl" stylesheet, I get an
error message on *some* <indexterm> entries. The error message is:

[error] no entries for index key 'foo'
[error] no entries for index key 'foo-primary'

I know those entries are in the source document, and they are properly
tagged. And otherwise, my index looks fine with all the proper entries
and links.

How can I go about finding out why these few indexterms are being
missed or ignored?

I am doing a transformation to .pdf. Does XEP first create an
'intermediate' .fo file to pass to the final transformation? Is there a
way to look at that file?

BTW, documentation says that the default for
"merge-subsequent-page-numbers" is 'false'. How do I set it to 'true'?
I'm no programmer, so please be specific--like, I need the exact
syntax. :)

(If it matters, I'm running WinXP and my XEP is version 4.0.)

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