[xep-support] Hmmm, <xref/> in figure titles

From: David Nedrow <listbox@nedron.net>
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 07:16:03 PST

If I us an <xref/> in the title for a figure, my list of figures shows
not only the title of the referenced figure, but the contents of same.

Eg., in the example below, I have figure "orderedsm2lgquery" with the
title "ORDERED FROM by smallest to largest # of rows". My second figure
relates to the previous, so I've used an <xref/> in the second figures
title pointing to orderedsm2lgquery as the linkend.

Unfortunately, in the output the title for the second figure as shown
in the list of figures at the beginning of the document includes the
entire contents of the linkend block, not just the title. If I define
an xreflabel attribute in the first figure, the list of figures table
is correct (though using the xreflabel rather than the title of

Is this a bug in XEP 4.2, or expected behavior (to include the entire
block referenced rather than just the title) for lists of figures?


    <figure id="orderedsm2lgquery">
     <title>ORDERED FROM by smallest to largest # of rows</title>
          su.CompanyName, CategoryName, ProductName, c.CompanyName,
          FirstName, LastName, Quantity, d.UnitPrice, sh.CompanyName
    FROM Shippers sh, Categories t, Employees e, Suppliers su,
          Products p, Customers c, orders o, OrderDetails d
   WHERE t.CategoryID=p.CategoryID AND c.CustomerID=o.CustomerID AND
          e.EmployeeID=o.EmployeeID AND o.OrderID=d.OrderID AND
          p.ProductID=d.ProductID AND sh.ShipperID=o.ShipVia AND
         su.SupplierID=p.SupplierID AND
         LOWER(ProductName) Like '%lager%' AND
         LOWER(c.city) IN ('vancouver',
'london','charleroi','cunewalde') AND
          d.Quantity BETWEEN 5 and 100 AND
         (RequiredDate-ShippedDate>10) ORDER BY c.CompanyName;
    <figure id="orderedsm2lgplan">
     <title>Plan for <xref linkend="orderedsm2lgquery"/> dfg</title>
Predicate Information (identified by operation id):
   20 - filter("D"."QUANTITY">=5 AND "D"."QUANTITY"<=100)

Note: cpu costing is off

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