Re: [xep-support] Hyphenation with an initial-property-set

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 11:07:49 PST

Hello, Greg.

Sorry for not answering for so long, but here is the answer:
> I am not certain if this is a problem with my fo itself, but I am
> unable to see the hyphenation character when the line breaks between
> the first line and the second line, and the block has an
> initial-property-set.

This was a bug, and it is fixed. I have just checked it with the most
recent build (20050228). Please consider an upgrade.

> Here is an admittedly silly example that
> illustrates the problem I am having:
> <fo:block font-family="Newton" font-style="normal"
> font-size="5.5pt" color="black" text-align="justify" hyphenate="true"
> hyphenation-push-character-count="2"
> hyphenation-remain-character-count="2" line-height="5.3pt"
> start-indent="0.5cm" text-indent="-4pt" end-indent="0.5cm">
> <fo:initial-property-set font-weight="bold" color="red/>
> </fo:block>
> The word breaks correctly from line to line, but the hyphen itself
> does not appear (even if I specify a hyphenation-character) on the
> line break between lines 1 and 2. If I remove the intial-property-set
> from the block, the hyphen will appear. Is there a fault in my above
> fo that prevents the hyphen from ocurring, or is this a problem in the
> current implementation, (Using Version 4.1 build 20050114 at the
> moment), or something else entirely? Is there a way to force that
> hyphen to appear, even between an intial line and the second line,
> when a block has an initial-property-set?
> Thanks,
> Greg Ludington

Best regards,
 Michael Sulyaev                
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