Re: [xep-support] area measurement with rx:pinpoint

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 07:43:22 PST

> We are looking for a way to determine the rectangular area (or areas)
> generated by a given Formatting Object.
> The only way I can see, for now, is to place <rx:pinpoint> objects
> before and after a given Formatting Object, then compare the positions
> of the pinpoints in the XEP intermediate output format. That will
> indeed give us the height of the area, but not the width: it seems
> that pinpoints ignore text alignment, and so are always placed on the
> left edge of the area.
> Does anybody out there know how to position a pinpoint on the right
> edge of an area? Or have a better way to do this?

In many cases, the need to do that is a sign of wrong design. What are
you trying to accomplish?


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