Re: AW: [xep-support] Hyphenation of dutch language

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 00:00:50 PST

On 23.02.2005, at 11:28, Geyrecker Andreas wrote:

> Peter,
> you can prevent hyphenation by inserting the character &#xFEFF; (ZERO
> eg. s-#xFEFF;Gravenhage

#xFEFF is UTF BOM, and its use as ZWNBS is deprecated, isn't it?
Besides, it never was for this purpose. You meant zero-width joiner,
but it is not handled by XEP either.

What you actually need is to put every word you don't want to hyphenate
  into a keep-together="always" inline. Hyphen is not a word character,
when XEP meets it in unrestricted context, it can break the line on it.
To keep 's-' together with Gravenhage, you need

<inline keep-with-next.within-line="always">s-</inline>Gravenhage; to
override rules for Granvehage, include it into the list of exceptions
in the hyphenation table. Simple and straightforward, just say in XSL
FO what you want to get.


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