[xep-support] Font Alias Problem

From: Chris Bowditch <bowditch_chris@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 06:17:16 PST


we are currently in the process of translating font configurations from XEP
3.x to 4.x formats for some of our customers.

Some of our customers have used font aliases that contains spaces, e.g. "Stone
Bold" XEP 3.x handled this ok, but under 4.x, the space is ignored and the
alias becomes "StoneBold" Now, consider the following snippet from xep.xml:

<font-alias name="StoneItalic" value="StoneSans-Italic"/>
<font-alias name="Stone Bold" value="StoneSans-Bold"/>
<font-alias name="StoneBold" value="StoneSans-Bold"/>
<font-alias name="StoneSemiBold" value="StoneSans-SemiBold"/>

When XEP encounters the third alias "StoneBold" an error is issued:

[error] file:/C:/xep420/xep.xml: Alias 'StoneBold' redefined; the first
definition is kept

However, all aliases defined after this has occurred are then ignored and
later on in the processing XEP issues the warning;

[warning] could not find any font family matching "StoneSemiBold"; replaced by

but clearly a font alias has been defined for "StoneSemiBold"

Why does XEP insist on removing spaces from font aliases? And if it encounters
two identical font aliases, why does it ignore all font aliases defined


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