Re: [xep-support] Table borders rendered with different size

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 04:29:26 PST

> KJ> It doesn't matter if I change the border size,
> KJ> the phenomenon is still there.
> KJ>  
> KJ> Is this a common issue? I can send an example PDF if necessary.
> I would appreciate if you could send a sample fo and pdf offlist to
> Does the problem exist with 3.8.4?


to fix this behavior, you'll need a display with higher resolution; for
normal human eyes something about 300dpi will do; while your display is
100dpi at best. Consider a line 3.6 pixels wide. It will be 4 pixels
wide if starts exactly at the beginning of a pixel, but 3 pixels wide
if it starts somewhere at 0.7 of a pixel and ends at 4.3: pixels at
both ends are less than half black and will be painted white; Acrobat
Reader does not antialias subpixels in lines.

When you print the document, the line looks much better, because the
printer resolution is significantly higher and the error is beyond the
capacity of your sight.

Of course, you may fine-tune all dimensions in a document so that all
lines fall into the pixel grid at some resolution (or magnification),
but then it will fall off the grid at other resolutions anyway.

David Tolpin

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