Re: [xep-support] quiet ant task

From: Dima Rogozin <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 12:37:16 PST

>> Is any way to make ant task quiet in 4.1?
>> Ant task is overly verbose and we have to filter the output to clean
>> it up.
>What's wrong with filtering? The output is regular and easy to filter.
>Isn't it the simplest and most straightforward solution?
Nothing wrong with that. It is second best to having quiet="true" switch in
the build.xml script. A switch would be much nicer option as far as I am
BTW, I have found somebody else asking for the same feature back in 2003 and
RenderX said it is an interesting idea and they will consider it. Apparently
they did not :)
Please consider this feature request again!
Thanks a lot,

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