[xep-support] Weird overflow with large FO document

From: Greg Pierce <greg@altfabrication.com>
Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 12:52:46 PST

I'm generating a catalog with XEP 4. In testing, I'm using subsections
of the catalog and everything fine. When I send the whole catalog
(total of about 250 pages), XEP goes into some kind of weird loop.

If I give the JVM enough memory, it does eventually generate the
document. The main flow area has weird repetitions, however. The
complete main flow is rendered, then sections of it are repeated over
and over. I haven't exactly figured out the pattern -- the whole flow
is not repeated, but sections of it are multiple times.

The input FO does not have any of these repetitions in it.

Any ideas? Anyone seen this. I'd attach the FO file, but it's 10meg.

Thanks, greg.

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