[xep-support] 4.0 upgrade woes: image-base-url' is required but missing

From: Andrzej Jan Taramina <andrzej@chaeron.com>
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 09:06:14 PST


Just trying to upgrade from 3.6.3 to 4.0, and I'm getting an exception that

com.renderx.xep.lib.InternalException: attribute 'image-base-url' is required
but missing

We're using the following external-graphic tag:

<fo:external-graphic width="{$logo_image_width}"
        content-width="scale-to-fit" content-height="scale-to-fit"

The resource:/ pseudo protocol works fine in 3.6.3, and gets the image from
the classpath.

How do we resolve this in 4.0?

Keep in mind that we are running under Cocoon, which is why we used the
classpath approach in the first place.

What is very strange is that if I switch to using the remote XEP Render Farm
(enMasse) rather than the inline version, it works fine using the same xep-
4_0_20041025 version.

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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