[xep-support] Ant Task

From: Jared Hales <jhales@perfectorder.com>
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 07:54:59 PST

I am trying to do a proof of concept for my company to verify that we
can use XEP to process our docbook documents. We have successfully been
using FOP with ant, but I am having trouble setting up the xep ant task.

One thing I noticed is that the documentation online
(http://www.renderx.net/Content/support/connectors/ant.html) is
incorrect. The XEPTask.jar file does not contain the class
'com.renderx.ant.XEPTask' but rather it seems to be

Is there more complete/accurate documentation I can refer to?

Here is an excerpt from my ant build.xml file, any suggestions on what I
am doing wrong?

   <!-- BEGIN - XEP Proof of Concept -->

     <path id="xep-classpath">
       <fileset dir="/home/jhales/XEP/lib/">
         <include name="xep*.jar" />
         <include name="xt.jar" />
         <include name="saxon.jar" />
       <pathelement path="/home/jhales/XEP/lib/XEPTask.jar"/>

     <taskdef name="xep" classname="com.renderx.xepx.ant.XEPTask"
classpath="/home/jhales/XEP/lib/XEPTask.jar" />

     <target name="xep-admin" description="Creates PDF output files via
         <xep destdir="${admin.pdf.dir}" format="PDF">
             <classpath refid="xep-classpath"/>
             <sysproperty key="com.renderx.xep.CONFIG"
             <fileset dir="/home/jhales/saturn/doc/admin/work">
                 <include name="*.fo"/>
   <!-- END - XEP Proof of Concept -->

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