Re: [xep-support] using Japanese fonts

From: W. Eliot Kimber <>
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 09:48:02 PST

Susan Korgen wrote:

> Thanks for all the responses. We are on 3.8 right now.
> We have purchased 4.0 but it will be some weeks before we migrate to it.
> Using breakttc.exe worked to create ttf files for me.
> I have some problems with the fonts.xml file. I need to know what Adobe
> settings to provide for the
> attributes 'adobe-encoding', 'adobe-ordering' and 'adobe-supplement'
> when I create an entry for one of my ttf fonts. I also need to know
> where to put the ttf file so that fonts.xml can find it.

You only need the adobe-* attributs for PostScript type 1 fonts (such as
those shipped with Acrobat itself). True Type fonts don't need these
values. For True Type fonts you need only specify the embed= attribute
if you need to have the fonts embedded in your PDFs.

As far as the font location goes, if you are using an absolute path,
then the font can be anywhere. If you are using a relative path, then
the path is relative to path specified by the "-DMETRICS" option, which
by default is set to the XEP etc/ directory (which is where the
XEP-provided fonts.xml file is). You use -DFONTLIST to specify the font
configuration file to use.

If your fonts were then in c:\myproject\fonts and your fonts.xml is in
c:\myproject\config then you would call XEP like so (all on one line, of

java {classpath and vm stuff}
      {rest of XEP command line}

And your font entries would look like this:

    <font name="HGGothicB"
         <alias name="Gothic"/>

Where the "ttf" value is relative to the value of the -DMETRICS path.



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