[xep-support] Something wrong with rendering table in XEP v4

From: Ashot Darbinian <ashot@zenteq.am>
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 00:13:46 PST

Hi Paul,

Your previous message to this list has been bounced because of attached file.
The policy of this list is to reject messages more then 40000
characters long (this includes Base64-encoded attachments).

The phenomenon is indeed a bug in XEP-4.

http://www.renderx.com/~renderx/portal/Tests/table_spans.pdf had been produced by XEP-3.8.

XEP-4.0 will render differente tables.

Thank you very much for your feedback,
Your message is very valuable.

Best regards
Ashot Darbinyan
Subject: Something wrong with rendering table in XEP v4
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 20:10:53 +0100

From: "Wagner, Paul, VF-DE" <paul.wagner@vodafone.com>
To: <xep-support@renderx.com>

The rendering tables is not correct in XEP Version 4.
You have some examples here =
E.g. Tables - Cell spanning =
If I render it with Version 4 so I getting completely different output =
(table_spans_v4.pdf) as shown on this side.

My PDFs are also wrong (see attached files v3_8.bmp and v4.bmp)

What is wrong?

Best regards

Paul Wagner

Technical Operations - Services (TOSR)
Vodafone D2 GmbH

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