Re: [xep-support] Table width in XEP 4

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 09:18:55 PDT

> But I want explicit column widths, so I used <fo:table-column .../>. But
> when I add table-layout="auto" to such table, table is expanded to 100%.
> See attached FO file. I would expect that the last three tables should
> look same (this result gives me XEP3).


what you want is achieved through setting -DTABLE_SHRINK_TO_COLUMNS=true
on the command line . However, this is not in conformance with
the XSL FO *AND* CSS2.

The thing is that width is auto by default. And auto is the full
width in XSL FO and table-layout="fixed", and table-layout="auto"
and nothing said about the width in XSL FO.

According to the CSS2 specification, if the sum of column widths
is less than the width of the table, then the column widths are
increased to fill the width. It's what I do in the implementation
of table-layout="auto".

A conclusion is that when someone needs a table which shrinks
to the size of its columns, whether automatically or manually
specified, one need to set width="0pt" on the table. This is ugly,
and I will be glad to be corrected in my treatment of the


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