Re: [xep-support] Strange behavior with zero-width space

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 14:54:15 PDT

W. Eliot Kimber:
> I am generating FO output of this form:
> <fo:block>Some stuff
> <fo:inline keep-together.within-line="always">keep me
> together</fo:inline>&#x200b;<fo:inline
> keep-together.within-line="always">keep me
> together</fo:inline>&#x200b; more stuff.
> </fo:block>
> The intent is to allow the line to break between two adjacent inlines
> that are, individually, kept together on the line.

Hi Eliot,

this is a bug, a fix will follow; a quick workaround is to append
zero-width leader:

&#x200b;<fo:leader leader-length="0pt"/>

istead of just &#x200b;

Thanks for reporting the bug,
David Tolpin
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