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From: Michael Hahn (
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 17:31:17 PDT

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    Hello Mark,

    Friday, October 1, 2004, 2:13:40 AM, you wrote:

    mpmc> I have recently undergone a similar exercise and have ended up with two
    mpmc> solutions.

    mpmc> Firstly, I use two .Net control from
    mpmc> One is a
    mpmc> MathMl editor, the other a MathML renderer. I have intergrates both into
    mpmc> BlastRadius XmetaL and on the production server the renderer. This
    mpmc> control allows for raster images of formulae to be output.

    mpmc> The second choice, mainly to support existing users, are the products
    mpmc> from Design Science ( They have client and server
    mpmc> products for MathML. I opted to implement their MathType product into
    mpmc> XmetaL (via it's trasformation output) but not the server products (to
    mpmc> keep costs down).

    mpmc> We take the renderer images from the Soft4Science rednerer and use these
    mpmc> in our XEP solution.

    mpmc> I hope this helps a little

    Thanks. That's more-or-less what I thought.

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