Re: [xep-support] Creating a Table of Contents from an HTML file being transformed using XSL to FO

From: Kenneth Aitken (
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 06:52:41 PDT

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    Hi Werner

    That line did the trick! Thank you very much for your support.

    Now I can generate a 3-level table of contents with h1, h2 and h3, when I insert two nested levels of <div>, one each for h1 and h2.



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    On 30.09.2004 at 10:21 Werner DonnÚ wrote:

    >On the spot where you want to generate the table of contents you can do
    ><xsl:apply-templates select="//*[namespace-uri() =
    >'' and
    > (local-name() = 'h1' or local-name() = 'h2' or local-name() = 'h3')]"
    >This will encounter the headings in document order, meaning you can write a
    >template for each level that depends on nothing else. It is also
    >of the level of nesting.

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