[xep-support] Type 1 font looses special characters

From: Lars Jørgen Tvedt (l.j.tvedt@edd.uio.no)
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 06:01:52 PDT

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    I am testing XEP as one of three different XSL-FO tools for rendering a
    large Norwegian Dictionary at the University of Oslo, Norway into PDF.

    So far XEP seems to work, except that ehen we embed the font we are going
    to use, the norwegian charachters æ, ø, å (aelig, oslash, aring), and a lot
    of other characters, are not rendered in the pdf-file. The spacing is
    correct, and if I copy a part of the text, and paste it into another
    application (notepad), the characters appear correctly, so for some reason
    it is only the glyph that is not rendered in PDF.

    If I embed the whole font, or do not embed the font at all, the wrong
    glyphs are displayed, but still a copy and paste will produce correct text
    in notepad.

    It seems that XEP for some reason misreads the position of the glyphs.

    I have also tried to add a glyph-list, but with the same result.

    When I render the same fo-file using the Apache FOP, the document are
    rendered correctly.

    The "afm" and "pfm"-files are rathers large compared with other font-files,
    so I guess there may be an offset-problem. Can anyone confirm this, or even
    better, give me a workaround?

    The font we are using is copyrighted, but if needed I have got permission
    to supply RenderX with a copy of the font on a number of conditions.

    Lars Jørgen Tvedt


    StartFontMetrics 2.0
    Comment UniqueID 5116344
    Comment Panose 2 0 5 0 8 0 0 2 0 4
    FullName LexitestNo1ATxt
    FontName LexitestNo1ATxt
    FamilyName LexitestNo1ATxt
    Weight Regular
    Notice \251 Copyright by The Ensched\216 Font Foundry, 1992. All Rights
    reserved. Lexicon is a registered TradeMark of TEFF. Lexicon\250 is
    protected by copyright law. Unauthorized copying or modification of any of
    its data is illegal.
    Version 001.000
    IsFixedPitch false
    ItalicAngle 0.00
    FontBBox -290 -232 1113 891
    Ascender 734
    Descender -173
    XHeight 491
    CapHeight 672
    UnderlinePosition -127
    UnderlineThickness 50
    StdHW 35
    StdVW 99
    EncodingScheme AdobeStandardEncoding
    StartCharMetrics 226
    C 5 ; WX 340 ; N breve ; B 10 562 330 714 ;
    C 6 ; WX 340 ; N dotaccent ; B 107 -182 232 -57 ;


    Lars Jørgen Tvedt
    Eining for digital dokumentasjon (EDD), Universitetet i Oslo
    Postboks 1123 Blindern, N-0317 OSLO, Norway
    Telefon (+47) 22 85 49 84, Fax (+47) 22 85 49 83

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