Re: [xep-support] Behaviour of 'rx:meta-field name="keywords"'

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 01:21:14 PDT

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    Hello Paul,

    Keywords are stored in a single field inside PDF metadata and
    Acrobat cannot show more than 255 characters of such field.
    Let me cite "PDF Reference Third Edition":

      9.2, "Metadata"
      103. Acrobat viewers display the document's metadata in the Document Properties
      dialog box and impose a limit of 255 bytes on any string representing
      one of those values.

    That's why you can see only a part of the keywords list. When XEP
    produces PostScript output it truncates metadata fields up to 255
    characters and adds '...' at the end. This caused by the PostScript
    limitation for single-line strings. In PDF output XEP writes a full
    metadata content, but overall effect is the same because of Acrobat

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov
    PAH> Hello,

    PAH> I have a (DocBook) document which contains quite a few 'keyword'
    PAH> elements. The current DocBook XSL stylesheets collect the text values
    PAH> in these elements, and insert them as a comma-separated list into an
    PAH> 'rx:meta-field name="keywords"' element. No surprises so far.

    PAH> In this particular document, there are about twenty keywords. When I
    PAH> open the "Document Properties" window on the PDF using Acrobat 6.0.2,
    PAH> I get a comma-separated list in the "Keywords" text area, but the list
    PAH> is truncated and trails off with "...". There is a scroll bar on the
    PAH> right hand side of the text area, but it is not active---this last
    PAH> observation makes me wonder whether XEP is inserting a giant
    PAH> comma-separated list into a single PDF "keyword" field, when, in fact,
    PAH> it should be inserting each keyword into separate fields. I do not
    PAH> know whether this is the case, though---I just don't know enough about
    PAH> the PDF format itself.

    PAH> If the PDF format does allow this, it would seem appropriate to allow
    PAH> multiple 'rx:meta-field name="keywords"' elements, and have each
    PAH> provide a single keyword for the PDF. (Currently, XEP seems to ignore
    PAH> all but the last.) The DocBook XSL stylesheets would need about two
    PAH> lines of code altered to conform to this behaviour. If the PDF format
    PAH> _doesn't_ allow for this, I wonder why that text field has a scroll
    PAH> bar. :-)

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