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From: David Tolpin (
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 14:19:16 PDT

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    > What I now want to do is streamline the document: There can be many
    > identical footnotes within the document both on the same page and over many
    > pages. I need to merge these footnotes into a single footnote number so if
    > there are 20 identical footnote references in one page, I can have one
    > footnote number 20 times through out the text and one footnote at the bottom
    > (as opposed to footnote numbers 1 to 20 within the text on the same page,
    > and 20 identical footnotes in the footer).
    > I'm starting to think this can't be done, but it must be a common publishing
    > issue.

    It requires a language construct not present in XSL FO, that is,
    an extension to XSL FO. The main value of XSL Formatting Objects
    is that it is an accepted recommendation, shared by many implementations.

    Adding extensions to implement advanced features is dangerous, because
    it kills validity control -- one cannot use formal validation tools
    with an input vocabulary consisting of non-formally introduced extensions,
    and one cannot predict a result when vaguely defined extensions are

    Process automation is always a compromise. Consider using endnotes
    instead of footnotes if footnotes in your text is something that
    repeats multiple times -- endnotes are more appropriate; footnotes
    are normally unique. Another option, depending on the context, is

    David Tolpin
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