Re: [xep-support] Problem displaying italic arabic characters

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 07:58:42 PDT

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    Hello Pierre,

    ArialMT Italic and ArialMT BoldItalic have no glyphs for Arabic
    characters at all. It turns out to be a limitation of this font.
    Apart from this you hit a bug in XEP: since there are no glyphs used
    in the font being subset (e.g. in Arial-ItalicMT) our subsetting
    algorithm produces empty GLYF table for this font in the resulting
    document - that's the cause of the error message you see in the
    Acrobat. Thanks for drawing our attention for this problem.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    PD> Hello,

    PD> I'm evaluating XEP at this time to use it in a Cocoon web application. I
    PD> face a problem displaying arabic characters with italic style. I joined
    PD> a minimal fo sample and the associated screenshot.
    PD> As you can see on the screenshot, arabic characters are not displayed
    PD> properly when using italic or bold-italic style.

    PD> As I open the generated PDF file with Acrobat reader, I got an error
    PD> message saying: "Can't extract embedded font: GFEDCB+Arial+ItalicMT.
    PD> Some characters won't be properly printed or displayed", and another one
    PD> "A substitute font can't be found" (messages translated from french by me).

    PD> To embed fonts, I uncomment the section relative to Arial font in
    PD> $XEP_HOME/etc/fonts.xml :
    PD> <font name="ArialMT"
    PD> ttf="C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arial.ttf"
    PD> embed="true">
    PD> <alias name="Arial"/>
    PD> </font>
    PD> <font name="Arial-BoldMT"
    PD> ttf="C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arialbd.ttf"
    PD> embed="true">
    PD> <alias name="Arial-Bold"/>
    PD> <alias name="ArialMT-Bold"/>
    PD> </font>
    PD> <font name="Arial-ItalicMT"
    PD> ttf="C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\ariali.ttf"
    PD> embed="true">
    PD> <alias name="Arial-Italic"/>
    PD> <alias name="ArialMT-Italic"/>
    PD> </font>
    PD> <font name="Arial-BoldItalicMT"
    PD> ttf="C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arialbi.ttf"
    PD> embed="true">
    PD> <alias name="Arial-BoldItalic"/>
    PD> <alias name="ArialMT-BoldItalic"/>
    PD> </font>

    PD> Any help appreciated.

    PD> Pierre
    PD> N.B.: I use XEP v3.8.1 Developer Stamped Edition on WinXP Pro with SUN
    PD> JRE 1.4.2_01.

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