[xep-support] Error with SVG image as background image using http protocol

From: Rune Enggaard Lausen (xep@enggaard-lausen.dk)
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 14:25:37 PDT

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    In our DocBook setup we have tried to use an SVG image as the
    background image on documents with status="draft". We would like to
    fetch the file from a local Webserver on our intranet. When doing
    this, XEP (3.8.1) gives the error message

    [error] com.renderx.graphics.UnregisteredMIMETypeException: MIME type
    'text/xml' is not registered

    If we use the file://server/dir/... notation, it works beautifully!

    Is this a server configuration error or is it an XEP bug or ...?

    Hope I made myself clear :-)

    Best regards,

            Rune Lausen
            Mikro VŠrkstedet A/S

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