Re: [xep-support] Retrieve Markers Issue

From: Chris Bowditch (
Date: Wed Aug 04 2004 - 06:04:29 PDT

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    Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:

    > Chris,
    > 1) There is indeed a limitation in XEP: markers won't work
    > across page sequences. (Technically, this is due to the
    > necessity to ensure inheritance of properties in the
    > backward direction). Our documentation lacks indication
    > of this; we will fix it in the next maintenance release.
    > Thank you for the feedback.

    Thanks for the enlightment.

    > 1) Your example won't work anyway :-). Even with
    > retrieve-boundary="document", only markers from
    > preceding pages are eligible for selection into the
    > retrieve-marker.

    Oh, how silly of me. You are right.


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