[xep-support] Thanks and a docbook XSL observation non-empty text descendants

From: Dr. Laurence Leff (D-Leff@wiu.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 10:48:35 PDT

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    Thanks, again!, to Mr. Stayton, I resolved my table difficulties.

    I do have an observation:

    On reading the DocBook book by Walsh, it is obvious that one should
    not put text content directly into a lisitem. One must put it inside
    of a para or similar xml tag that accepts #PCDATA as per the DTD.

    However, the file below formats fine using the xmlto under Linux
    and the FOP formatter from Apache. It does not format using
    the tools from RenderX.

    Of course, RenderX is clearly blameless as the input does not follow
    the rules.

    However, I note this for the benefit of those who might have
    the same difficulty as I did:

    <listitem>technically, text should not be in a listitem</listitem>
    <listitem>It is not declared with #PCDATA in the dtd </listitem>

    Under RenderX, it gives the following error message:

    @toolman#/home/leffstudent/XEP >xep.sh l.xml.fo
    (document [system-id file:/home/leffstudent/XEP/l.xml.fo]
        [error] file:/home/leffstudent/XEP/l.xml.fo: line 2: Element 'fo:list-item-body' cannot have non-empty text descendants here. Only block-level elements are permitted in this context.
        [validation total: 2 errors]
    Parse error: Invalid XSL FO source 'file:/home/leffstudent/XEP/l.xml.fo': 2 error(s) found during validation
    @toolman#/home/leffstudent/XEP >exit

    Script done on Sat Jul 31 21:33:09 2004
    At least so far, I have not needed use.extensions=1
    for the docbook extensions to format the documents I have tried with
    RenderX. Thus, the fact that I haven't made them work
    is not now a concern and may never be.

    I was curious what services these extensions might provide.

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