Re: [xep-support] Calculating left-indent

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Mon Aug 02 2004 - 02:55:39 PDT

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    Hello David,

    There are no means in XSL-FO to dynamically determine current distance
    from the page edge and perform any calculations with it. However there
    are 'text-align' property and 'float' property which both can have
    value of 'inside' and 'outside'. That is any text can be aligned with
    respect to the current page position (parity) and floating object can
    be forced to float to the outer or inner side of the page.
    You may be interested in 'Marginalia' sample available on our site:
    This sample shows how to create marks on the margins (known as
    'marginalia') using side floats with float='outside'.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    DP> Is there an easy method of dynamically determining the distance from the
    DP> edge of the page to the start of hard-left text for a content block on any
    DP> given page?

    DP> I think the calculation would include page.margin-left and
    DP> region-body.margin-left. I don't think region-start would be needed, as
    DP> region-body needs to set a left margin that doesn't overwrite it. One
    DP> might need to include block.margin-left, block.border, and block.padding
    DP> for the current content block.

    DP> Alternatively, simply knowing whether my template was currently putting
    DP> content on a left or right page would go a long, long way to helping me
    DP> achieve the layout I desire.

    DP> Any hints would be greatly appreciated. The solution can be XEP-specific.

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