Re: [xep-support] Running total on the bottom of each page

From: G. Ken Holman (
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 07:23:26 PDT

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    At 2004-07-17 12:17 +0200, wrote:
    >is it possible with XEP to print something like a running total at the
    >bottom of each page?

    Only through the use of markers.

    >I cannot solve this problem with XSLT, because during the XSLT stage I don't
    >know how many rows will fit on a page.

    Precisely, so in XSLT you calculate the running total for every line item
    and put that into a marker ... markers in the flow don't get rendered on
    the canvas, but the flow will contain the running total for every line item.

    At the bottom of each page you pull the last total marker for the page onto
    the canvas, and you end up with the running total for the page in the
    static content.

    >Any help would be really appreciated!

    A Google search on "running total XSL-FO" will turn up similar answers like:

    I hope this helps.

    ........................... Ken

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