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From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 04:57:47 PDT

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    the problem with yout file not showing in XEP is again due
    to transparency issue, this time within the SVG file itself.
    Rectangular tiles in your picture are produced using the
    following construct (omitting all but relevant parameters):

    <path style="fill-opacity:0; stroke:#000000; stroke-width:0.1"
         d="M 2.8 3.3 L 2.8 4.7 L 4.8 4.7 L 4.8 3.3 L 2.8 3.3 z"/>

    As you can see, the fill color is not specified (and therefore
    defaults to black), but the fill opacity is 0, making the
    rectangle completely transparent. However, XEP does
    not support fill-opacity yet. It draws your tiles with
    opaque fill, making it all black.

    The only feasible solution for XEP 3.8 is to specify no fill
    or some opaque fill color instead of transparency. That is,
    if you replace "fill-opacity:0" in all style specifiers with
    "fill:none" or "fill:white", it will show in XEP as expected.

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Grigoriev

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    > > A few days ago this question was raised on the mailing list.
    > > I've the same problem: XEP 3.8 causes the background in
    > > an SVG to be black whereas in other tools (e. g. xsmlies
    > > and sodipodi) it displays as it should, namely white.
    > The issue raised several days ago was identified as a PNG
    > transparency issue, not related to SVG implementation;
    > cf.

    Thanks for pointint this out. That reasons shouldn't apply here since
    the file does not contain any embedded png. It is apart from one tag
    from the "sodipodi" namespace "pure" SVG.

    > > The SVG itself looks correct to me.
    > > I can send you the SVG if desired.
    > Yes, please do. Please send it off-list to;
    > we will gladly analyze it.

    Thanks! I've attached the file.

    Best regards,


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