Re: [xep-support] Warning about missing Fonts in 3.8

From: Chris Bowditch (
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 06:49:13 PDT

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    Nikolai Grigoriev wrote:


    > It should behave the same from the command line and
    > from your application - the console logger cannot invent
    > warnings :-). One thing worth noticing: warnings about
    > missing fonts arrive to the logger specified in the constructor
    > for FormatterImpl, not to the session logger. That is,
    > if you create FormatterImpl with one logger, and then
    > call render() with another one, missing font errors will
    > be reported to the former. (It worked this way in XEP 3.7,
    > too; so I presume it is not the cause of the problem).


    thanks for the fast response. It would appear that it is my mistake, I was
    just specifying a session logger and not the logger to FormatterImpl. I think
    this may have been enough to see warnings in 3.7. Anyway, Ive changed our code
    to specify both now, which works fine.



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