[xep-support] Rendering Unicode combined diacritic characters

From: Jim Skelton (jimskelton@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 16:36:54 PDT

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    I'm finding that when displaying a PDF file generated
    from XEP, that Unicode combining diacritics don't
    render correctly. An example of this is at
    http://www3.telus.net/osis/CNT.2john.pdf -- in the
    title, 3rd word from the left, you'll notice that the
    acute accent over the e dieresis is too low. This
    character is represented by the two glyphs x00EB
    x0301. The latter glyph is a combining diacritic,
    meaning that it overstrikes the preceding character.
    In theory, the rendering engine should place the
    combining diacritic at the correct height, depending
    on the metrics of the base character.

    Another example of this is in the acute accent over
    barred i, found in the first line of regular text, 2nd
    word over. You'll notice that the barred i does have
    the acute accent over it (though a little too far
    left), but the dot on the i is retained (it shouldn't
    be retained when combined with an acute accent). This
    character is represented by x0268 x0301.

    The embedded font used in this PDF file is a Unicode
    font which contains a lot of the latin character

    Is there something that can be done to render Unicode
    combining diacritics correctly? I noticed that
    Microsoft's Unicode rendering engine (Uniscribe), only
    recently was able to render these character
    combinations correctly. There are other unicode
    rendering schemes, such as SIL's graphite...


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