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From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 04:18:46 PDT

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    > <fo:basic-link external-destination="url(file:aruser.pdf)">
    > <fo:inline color="blue">Accounts Receivable</fo:inline> </fo:basic-link>
    > ...
    > However, when I follow the link noted above,
    > the document opens as if "fit" or "fit-height" were the setting.

    You are right: for PDF links, we create a remote go-to action in PDF
    that addresses the first page, and specifies scale factor as /Fit.
    The reason is, in a remote go-to action we need to explicitly
    specify destination in the target file. And the destination specifier
    should either provide an explicit endpoint coordinate, or set the scale
    factor so that it fits the viewport by the respective dimension.

    To work around this limitation, I suggest adding a fragment identifier
    to the URL:

    <fo:basic-link external-destination="url(file:aruser.pdf#docstart)">

    where 'docstart' is an id of some element at the beginning of the
    tagret document. Your could begin like this:

    <fo:page-sequence ...
      <fo:flow ...
        <fo:block id="docstart"/>

    This makes Acrobat jump to the respective location using the scale factor
    specified by the named destination 'docstart' _inside aruser.pdf_; typically,
    it simply inherits scale factor from the context.

    If you provide a non-existing fragment ID, Acrobat will jump to the first
    page of the document (and don't even generate errors). However, I am not
    sure this is a clean solution; I believe adding a real @id to the beginning
    of the document is a cleaner approach.

    > The desired behavior is for aruser.pdf to open with the "fit-width"
    > initial zoom.

    Thank you for providing the use case. Right now, it is not evident for me
    how it can be done without parsing the target PDF file; we are going
    to look into it in more details.

    > When I try to use the Acrobat "link" tool to see the properties of
    > the link, I get the following message: "There was a problem
    > reading this document (18)."

    I would be grateful if you could send me your PDF file off-list
    to to examine. In general, I have an impression
    that remote go-to actions are poorly supported in Acrobat: it executes
    them well but creates a terrible mess trying to edit them (at least
    Acrobat 5; did't try with 6).

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