Re: [xep-support] XEP deployment issues

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 07:46:51 PDT

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    > We are using WSAD for our development and build.
    > Is it possible to have a single jar file for all environments,
    > something like xepxx.jar that will work with both the
    > developer and server license files?

    We have a special OEM edition (available only to OEM
    customers upon specific request to sales dept) that can
    be activated by two licenses: it operates as Trial when
    a trial license is supplied, and switches to unstamped
    mode when presented a special unlocking license.
    However, this edition is meant for environments
    where XEP is incorporated into applications that
    share the same code for trial and full versions: the user
    tries the application in stamped mode, and receives
    the unlocking license upon purchase of a full version.

    Yours seem to be a different situation. If I understand
    it correctly, you don't need to switch XEP operation mode
    in applications installed at your customers' sites. In this
    case, it is recommended to seek a solution within
    the current licensing scheme.

    > Then, our build process to build the deployment EAR file
    > will be much simpler and we won't have to keep track
    > of different jar files for the different environments.

    Sorry, I don't understand that. In any case, you will have
    to include a different license in your build; having a different
    JAR file does not seem to complicate things too much.
    After all, you can simply rename XEP's JARs to some
    uniform names before you start building process,
    by running a single-line script.

    > We don't use ANT scripts for our build at present and
    > building with different jar files for different environments
    > without ant means that we have to build the ear manually
    > which is error prone and laborious.

    Let me express my personal opinion as a SW developer,
    and not as a RenderX employee: the solution consists
    in adopting a better build system, not in simplifying the
    components to match the capabilities of your current one.

    Nikolai Grigoriev
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