RE: [xep-support] linefeed normalization

From: G. Ken Holman (
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 07:13:21 PDT

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    At 2004-04-05 07:49 -0600, Victor Mote wrote:
    >I just conducted one other experiment relevant to this thread. In the XSL-FO
    >that I am inputting directly to XEP, I added linefeed-treatment="preserve"
    >to the block containing the U+2028 characters. I tried it with the U+2028 as
    >both raw characters and character references, and in each case, a line break
    >was produced in the PDF at the expected location.

    I'm guessing as a result of Unicode processing for "LINE SEPARATOR" (which
    isn't an end of line character, but a separator between lines; I'm guessing
    that one needn't be present at the end of all lines).

    >So I conclude from this
    >that the parser is *not* normalizing U+2028 to a linefeed,

    Correct, XML only refers to end of line sequences (ref XML 1.0 Sect 2.11).

    >but that it is
    >passing through to XEP properly, but that XEP is treating it as equivalent
    >to a linefeed character for purposes of the linefeed-treatment property. So
    >this is probably an XEP bug (unless I have overlooked some other property
    >that is relevant here).

    It isn't a bug in XEP because the XSL-FO spec specifically refers to
    linefeed-treatment= addressing the U+000A character and no other character.
    (ref XSL 7.15.7).

    This would be an issue you would want to bring "up a level" to the
    specification writers, not the implementers. Use
    to send your XSL processing requirements to the specification writers
    because if you don't they won't know what to consider in future versions to
    address what you need from the Specification.

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