[xep-support] linefeed normalization

From: Victor Mote (vic@portagepub.com)
Date: Sat Apr 03 2004 - 23:53:40 PST

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    Hello XEP crew:

    Section 7.1 of the document "XSL Formatting Objects in XEP 3.7" says:

    "Line break is forced by explicit linefeed characters: U+000A, U+000D,
    U+2028, U+2029, unless they are suppressed by linefeed normalization;"

    By "linefeed normalization", I assume you mean the linefeed-treatment
    attribute. However, linefeed-treatment seems to only apply to U+000A
    (although I suppose that they mean U+000D and combinations of the two also).

    Section 13.2 of the Unicode 3.0 standard describes U+2028 as an "unambiguous
    character ... line separator...". Is there a mechanism in XEP that will
    allow one to do *both* of the following: 1) treat U+000A (and U+000D) as
    spaces (the default behavior), and 2) force a line break at U+2028?

    TIA for your help. I am very impressed with the quality of your product and
    of your support. Please keep up the good work.

    Victor Mote (mailto:vic@portagepub.com)
    Portage Publications (www.portagepub.com)
    2025 Eddington Way
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916
    Voice +1 (719) 622-0698, Fax +1 (720) 293-0044

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