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From: G. Ken Holman (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 19:42:05 PST

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    At 2004-02-06 18:00 -0500, Louis Meigret wrote:
    >How can I print the total number of pages of a series of page-sequences
    >where these page-sequences may each restart at page 1 ?

    XSL-FO 1.0 doesn't have any facilities to determine this. All related
    facilities are based on page number, not page count. Even typical "Page
    12/37" solutions are based on the page number of the last page, not the
    page count of the last page (consider that there may be front matter in
    advance of page 1 that would impact on the page count but not the last page

    What you need is access to the formatted information as an XML file that
    then gets fed back into your formatting process.

    I haven't yet looked at XEP's XML output generator, but it might have what
    you need to communicate the formatted information to the outside world.

    Another method is to use a two-pass process utilizing parallels to the
    back-of-the-book index methodology we have made available on our web
    site. In that methodology I "format" the angle brackets of an XML instance
    that records the formatted page information, extract the XML text from the
    resulting PDF file, and then reprocess that in a second step as a formatted
    index with page-range rationalization. The PDF extraction uses free
    tools. You could use this to record the page numbers of all the sequences,
    and then sum them on the second pass.

    I hope this helps.

    ..................... Ken

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