Re: [xep-support] break between floats

From: Oliver Becker (
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 08:32:03 PST

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    Some additional comments:

    I wrote:
    > I've extended your marginalia_wide example to test my idea of single
    > floats, so that a page break can occur between these floats.
    > Unfortunately this doesn't work. All subsequent floats stick together
    > (see example)

    Adding empty fo:block elements between the floats shows another interesting
    effect: now the first float appears on the first page, all of the remaining
    floats stick together on the next page.

    > Any idea how to circumvent this behaviour?

    This works:
    <fo:block line-height="0pt">&#xA0;</fo:block>
    between the floats.

    However, I believe this is not the recommended way to produce the
    desired effect.


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