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From: Oliver Becker (
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 08:03:26 PST

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    > I think you have hit the limitation of XSL FO 1.0 as a technology. You
    > have to refine your layout to make it possible to express it in terms
    > of XSL FO 1.0 or wait for the future versions of XSL FO in hope that
    > they will include some new constructs that will do the trick.

    The layout is rather simple (in my eyes): text flow with some space for
    margin notes on the outer page sides. In between there are blocks with
    code samples. For these code snippets I want to use the whole width of
    the page (text area plus margin area).
    (That means these blocks are wider, not smaller, but this shouldn't matter.)

    I think additional properties like inside-indent / outside-indent
    (in place of start-indent or end-indent in my use case) would do it.
    Or an XSLFO function (even() or odd()) that can be used to compute
    distance values, e.g. start-indent="20pt + odd()*10pt"

    Perhaps these ideas could be suggestions for provisional XEP extensions ...

    Cheers and thanks,

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