Re: [xep-support] crop marks?

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Mon Dec 01 2003 - 14:29:00 PST

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    Bob Stayton wrote:

    > Has anyone implemented crop marks for pages that
    > are smaller than the paper size? If so, could
    > you share how you did it?

    I can't give you the exact markup because it was done for a customer,
    but the basic technique I used is to use absolutely-positioned
    block-containers with borders on their narrow edges. Using this
    technique, you can create crop marks.

    Specify no page margins and use the margins on the region-body and
    extents on edge regions to position the real page content appropriately
    on the physical page.

    For registration marks, I created a reasonable registration target as an
    EPS and then just use more block-containers to place them.

    Keep in mind that XEP positions block-containers relative to the edge of
    the physical page.



    W. Eliot Kimber
    Innodata Isogen
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