Re: [xep-support] markers supported?

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 01:46:38 PDT

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    > I am trying to make different headers for odd and even pages.
    > The even headers use a retrieve-marker with classname 'a': that works ok.
    > The odd headers should use a retrieve-marker with classname 'b': seems to
    > work but i always get the last in the page sequence no matter what i define
    > in retrieve-position or retrieve-boundary.

    You can see this same layout in the examples included with XEP:
    examples/xmlspec/xmlspec20.xsl stylesheet puts chapter names in the
    header of even pages, and first-level subchapter names in the header
    of odd ones. It seems to be working.

    > I read somewhere that markers are not supported and somewhere
    > else that they are.
    > What is the current status and how can i solve/work-around
    > my problem ?

    The current status is that they are working. As far as your problem
    is concerned, please provide more input: how are your markers
    located in the flow, and how are retrieve-markers placed in the
    stratic content.

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Grigoriev
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