[xep-support] Keep-together precedence

From: Anders Svensson (anders.svensson@animech.se)
Date: Mon Sep 15 2003 - 07:22:58 PDT

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    Before the summer I asked the question below regarding keep-together
    restraints, and got the answer below that xep doesn't support
    precedences. So does that mean there is no way to solve conflicts
    between elements? (see my needs below)
    As it is I'm getting bad page breaks where either a table cell will be
    broken right in the middle (if the keep-together is set on "sections",
    and this looks truly awful), or a "section" of text (which we want to
    keep together in general) will haphazardly be broken up all over the
    document (if the keep-together is set on table-cells instead). This
    doesn't look as immediately awful as the first one, but is on the whole
    just as bad because it is all over the place.
    Previous messages:
    According to the specification, you can use whatever integer values you
    want. Any integer value has a lower precedence than 'always'. However,
    doesn't support these precedences yet. It interprets all integer values


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    > Hi,
    > does anyone here know how to weight keep-together restraints
    > against one another? I.e. if I have a
    > keep-together.within-page on a table-row, a table and a
    > "section" I want to be able to give them different priority
    > so that the table-row is absolute (value="always"), must not
    > be broken, the table is second and the section third, but
    > should still be kept together whenever possible. I read that
    > you could do this by giving integer values, but what values?
    > I.e. what is the allowed span? Is i 0-10 or 0-100 or what?
    > Does the maximum integer value equal "always"?
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Anders
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