Re: [xep-support] pdf page bleeds

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 19:26:24 PDT

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    Erik S. LaBianca wrote:

    > I, for one, would be interested in seeing a XEP extension to allow the
    > /BleedBox, etc. It seems like it would be a useful function for those of
    > us creating PDF's primarily for printed output. It would be pretty cool
    > if it could throw in registration too.

    It's actually pretty easy to do registration marks (and CMYK bars). I
    just created appropriate registration marks and color bars in
    Illustrator as EPS files and then I use one of the edge region with
    absolutely-positioned block containers to place the marks. I use normal
    block-containers with borders to create crop marks. It's actually pretty
    easy to create a registration mark graphic by hand just by typing up an
    EPS directly--it's also a good exercise for learning the Postscript
    drawing commands. Only requires about 15 lines of code to create a
    couple of circles with a cross or to create a circle filled with
    radiating lines.

    It just requires using a large enough page size so you have room for the
    registration and crop marks outside the final trimmed page area. By
    using this technique you can also create bleeds since you have plenty of
    extra width in the edge regions.

    But it would be handy to be able to set the bleedbox within the PDF.



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