Re: [xep-support] NoPageMasterException: state: 74

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Sun Aug 10 2003 - 12:13:38 PDT

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    > I get the following message when running xep 3.5.3
    > (sequence [master-reference single-page](flow [page-number 3]
    > {!com.renderx.xep.cmp.NoPageMasterException: state: 74}
    > It generates the single page fine, and when I remove all other
    > page-sequences besides this one, the error goes away.
    > What is this message trying to tell me?

    :-). This is one of the most obscure features of XSL-FO. Don't worry,
    very few people get it right from the spec - others fall into the trap.

    The thing has to do with the default value of 'force-page-count' attribute.
    Its "auto" value is defined so that it tries to match the parity of the last
    page in the sequence with the initial page number of the next page sequence.
    If your next sequence has an initial-page-number attribute set to an odd
    number (probably 1, right?) than the previous sequence should be padded
    with a blank page to make it terminate on an even page. If your
    page-sequence-master for the first sequence does not define a suitable
    page master (e.g. only defines a single occurrence), you get
    a NoPageMasterException.

    Remedy: add force-page-count="no-force" on the first sequence. This
    turns off sequence padding.

    Nikolai Grigoriev

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