RE: [xep-support] out of memory error

From: Jeff Beal (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 08:33:09 PDT

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    Java Runtime Environments by default limit the amount of memory they will
    allow Java applications to consume. If you're using a JRE from Sun, you can
    use the -Xmx option to specify a higher value (in bytes). I put
    -Xmx1000000000 in my XEP batch file, just to be sure I didn't have to mess
    with it again.


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    Subject: [xep-support] out of memory error

    i was trying to create this fo file.about 86 pages.the size of th .fo file
    is 2250 KB but i am getting this error "java:lng:out of memory error" what
    do i do
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