Re: [xep-support] A few other questions

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 03:28:05 PDT

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    while RenderX Team is always ready to answer, I'd suggest you
    to read the documentation before posting questions to xep-support.

    > I want to include a true type font inn the document, but when i specify it
    > with font="13pt Gill Alt One MT" XEP substitiues it to helvetica. Can i
    > declare a font somwhere, where i can tell XEP which true type file to use?

    You should add an entry for the font to etc/fonts.xml. Please read the User's Guide
    for exact syntax and options.

    > Is there anyway to position graphics on a page with absolute x,y i.e. a
    > logotyp in the right corner of the bottom of the page? I tried the
    > position="absolute" and added top, left and so on but couldnt get that to
    > work.

    According to XSL FO Recommendation, block containers are entities that can
    be absolutely positioned. Put the graphics into an absolutely positioned

    David Tolpin
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