[xep-support] Font family switching

From: Geurt Lagemaat (Lagemaat@oriana-automatisering.com)
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 07:56:13 PDT

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    I have a question about font family's.

    I'm running XEP 3.31 with:

    <fo:block font-family="Bembo, Arial"> Like a &#x2264; sign or the
    &#x2265; sign.</fo:block>
    <fo:block font-family=" Bembo, 'Zapf Dingbats', Symbol"> Like a bull:
    &#x25cf; and more text and the radical sign: &#x221A; text

    Looking into the resulting PDF I noticed that the text before &#x2264;
    is formatted with the Bembo font and the &#x2264; symbol with Arial. The
    problem is that the text after &#x2264; is also formatted with Arial and
    not Bembo. My idea was that when XEP encounters a character that is not
    found in the first font listed in font-family it will use the second
    font and so on.

    In my opinion it should return to the first font (Bembo in my case)
    after the &#x2264; symbol as it does in the second block (it switches
    from Bembo, to Zapf Dingbats for the &#x25cf; back to Bembo and then to
    Symbol for the &#x221A; sign back to bembo etc.). Any idea's?


    Geurt Lagemaat
    Oriana Automatisering

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