Re: [xep-support] value of rx:meta-field

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 02:15:34 PDT

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    > The "problem" is that I would like to use these <rx:metafield>
    > so that the same stylesheet can be used by different users with
    > different xml files without any changes

    So, your problem is how to write an XSLT expression to stuff
    @value attribute with data from the source XML document,
    right? That's what my very first message was about.

    > For example the "value" of the metafield "author" would get
    > the content of the @"State" in the following xml file
    > <e:eAIP xmlns:e=
    > xmlns:xlink=
    > xmlns="" State="France">
    > ....
    > </e:AIP>
    > as well as with the following one
    > <e:eAIP xmlns:e=
    > xmlns:xlink=
    > xmlns=
    > State="Belgium and G.D. of Luxembourg">
    > .....
    > </e:AIP>

    (Your opening and closing tags don't match, BTW).

    <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
        <rx:meta-field name="author" value="{/e:AIP/@State}"/>

    should do the trick.

    Best regards,

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