[xep-support] Block containing figure and caption: inheritance problems?

From: Doug Burgess (dougb@bcou.ca)
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 16:14:20 PDT

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    I'm trying to control the horizontal alignment of an external graphic,
    relative to a following-sibling attribution and/or caption. All three
    appear inside a default block, specified at xsl:region-body, which holds
    properties for the text column on each page (most importantly a width of

    If the intrinsic size of the image is greater than 5", I scale the width
    to 5" and place it in a block. I follow it with a block containing the
    attribution, text-aligned to "end", and a block containing the caption.
    There is no wrapper block or block-container around the three elements,
    and the output is nice and neat: image followed by right-aligned
    attribution and left-aligned caption.

    If the intrinsic size of the image is less than 5", I create a wrapper
    block, of the same width as the image, with text-aligned to center. It
    contains the image in a block, followed by the caption and attribution in
    their own blocks, with alignments set as above.

    The problem lies in the second case. My image is left-aligned against the
    outer-most block (the one set at xsl:region-body), the attribution is
    right-aligned against that same block, and the caption, while
    appropriately aligned, is wider than the width set on the containing
    block. It appears that the properties of the wrapper block e.g. width and
    alignment, are not inheriting downwards.

    A truncated version of the stylesheet appears here:


    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Doug Burgess
    dougb@bcou.ca (604) 431-3455
    Structured Information Developer
    Open Learning Agency and BC Open University
    Burnaby, B.C.
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