Re: [xep-support] value of rx:meta-field

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 07:49:45 PDT

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    > In order to have a generic xslt, I would like to fill in
    > the attribute" value" in the following fileds by the
    > content of the some elements/attributs of my xml file
    > <rx:meta-info>
    > <rx:meta-field name="author" value="...."/>
    > <rx:meta-field name="title" value="..."/>
    > <rx:meta-field name="subject" value="...."/>
    > <rx:meta-field name="keywords" value="...."/>
    > </rx:meta-info>
    > Is there a way to do that or does the attribute "value"
    > have always a fixed content?

    I am not sure I fully understand your question. Are you asking
    about the way to stuff an attribute with user data inside your
    XSLT stylesheet? Then there are several methods to achieve
    that: use either attribute-value templates:

    <rx:meta-field name="author" value="{/article/articleinfo/@author}"/>

    or a full <xsl:attribute> element:

    <rx:meta-field name="author">
      <xsl:attribute name="value">
         <xsl:apply-templates select="book/bookinfo/authorgroup/author[1]"/>

    Anyhow, this has nothing to do with XSL-FO in general and XEP
    in particular. You can find a more qualified advice in XSLT-oriented
    forums like XSL-list at MulberryTech:

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Grigoriev

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