Re: [xep-support] Keep-together weighting

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 14:16:52 PDT

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    > Hi,
    > Have just moved over from Apache FOP and found some attributes not handled
    > the same/correctly :-
    > - 'space-before' in 'external-graphic' not handled by XEP (I think this
    > could be as per the spec)

    external-graphic is an inline-level element. space-before is applicable to block-level
    elements. space-before should not be specified on external-graphic; if it is, it produces
    no effect according to the XSL FO Recommendation.

    > - Apache scales the external-graphic to fit within the parent block indents

    If Apache FOP does it, then it is a bug in FOP. The proper behaviour is to use width, height for vieport,
    content-width, content-height, scaling for scaling. See

    for detailed explanation of technique that scales a graphic image to the dimensions of a block.

    > - 'inline-progression-dimension' in 'table' not handled by XEP

    It is. Internally, if that matters, 'table' is an extension of 'block-container'.
    inline-progression-dimension is regarded on containers. Numerous examples are in evidence.

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