[xep-support] XEP Postscript fonts and unicode (5.3)

From: Mike Ferrando (mikeferrando@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 14:25:14 PDT

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    I was reading over 5.3. PostScript Fonts and Unicode (userguide.pdf).
    I was wondering what the next step is to embed these fonts. Before in
    Apache I created xml files using java and then added them to my
    userconfig.xml (fonts.xml) so that they could be found.

    However, that did not embed the fonts.

    The userguide.pdf reads:

    With XEP, it is possible to use such fonts, and access characters
    from them by their regular Unicode values. All you need is to write
    an extension to the Adobe Glyph List, in the same format as the
    original AGL 1.2 file. The file is then registered in the font
    description inside fonts.xml: glyph-list attribute of a ‹font›
    element contains a path to the extended glyph list. All glyph names
    not mentioned in the extension will get their default Unicode
    positions. Note that glyph lists are ascribed to single fonts:
    different fonts in your system may use different glyph naming

    "write an extension"...
    How do I do this?
    When I do it where is the file place, in the XEP folders or in the
    Acrobat folders?

    I will be using NCR (&# 299;) not '&#i macron'.

    I did find sites like this that you can download fonts with full
    unicode (like the ones they are talking about making here). I can
    down load these files and unpack them. But where do they need to be?

    But again, what is the last step to link all this together so that I
    get the same charents.pdf as seen at the XEP site?

    Have you run the charents.fo on your XEP and did it turn out the same
    as the pdf at their site? If so, let me have just a little more of
    your kind help and I will be up and running.

    Mike Ferrando
    Washington, DC

    C:\XEP>xep -fo charents.fo -pdf charents.pdf
    {?file:/C:/XEP/charents.fo: line 5: [warning] Non-zero padding on
    y' is a RenderX extension.}

    {?file:/C:/XEP/charents.fo: line 5: [warning] Non-zero border on
    ' is a RenderX extension.}

    {?file:/C:/XEP/charents.fo: line 8: [warning] Non-zero padding on
    y' is a RenderX extension.}

    {?file:/C:/XEP/charents.fo: line 8: [warning] Non-zero border on
    ' is a RenderX extension.}

    {?file:/C:/XEP/charents.fo: line 9: [warning] Non-zero padding on
    ore' is a RenderX extension.}
    [validation total: 5 warnings])
    [system-id file:/C:/XEP/charents.fo]
    (compile (masters (sequence-master [master-name
    first-page])(sequence-master [ma
    ster-name all-pages])(sequence-master [master-name sequence]))
    (sequence [master-reference sequence](static-content [flow-name
    e])(flow [flow-name xsl-region-body]
    {?could not find a font matching 'NewtonAM Bold', trying 'Helvetica'}

    {?could not find a font matching 'TimesCyr Bold', trying 'Helvetica'}

    {?could not find a font matching 'NewtonAM', trying 'Helvetica'}

    {?could not find a font matching 'NewtonAM Italic', trying

    (sequence [master-reference sequence](flow [page-number
    1][page-number 2])
    (static-content [page-number 1][page-number 2][region-name
    (generate [output-format pdf][page-number 1][page-number 2]))


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