Re: [xep-support] Processing inline symbols

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 07:15:10 PDT

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    Geurt Lagemaat wrote:

    > Thank you, this approach works. There is something strange however. In:
    > <text>&#x2217; = asteriskmath symbol, &#x221A; radical symbol and &#x221D;
    > proportional symbol</text>
    > only the asteriskmath and the proportional symbols are printed but NOT the
    > radical symbol.

    This always means that a glyph for the character is not available in any
    of the fonts specified. On Win2K you can use the CharMap utility to see
    what glyphs a font actually provides.

    Fonts are evaluated in the order listed in the font-family property, so
    the first font that has a glyph for a character determines what glyph
    shows up (you can demonstrate this by putting your dingbats or greek
    font first in the list and see what happens :-)).

    I also find it useful to put a dingbat or wingdings-type font as the
    only global font to make sure that all flow objects are having their
    fonts set appropriately at a lower level when using a root-level font is
    not appropriate (for example, where different page sequences use very
    different fonts such that a single default font is not useful).



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